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KreativeKenya specializes in providing exceptionally delicious sea moss gels without the sea taste. Our mouthwatering gels are created  by blending high quality, wildcrafted sea moss imported from St. Lucia and organic fruit.  We just know you're going to love it!   

If you've ever struggled with the sea stench that is sea moss, KreativeKenya's sea moss gels will be a delightfully pleasant surprise.

This all started as a weekend project where we set out to create a sea moss gel suitable for our own very particular taste palette. Although we were immediately sold on the benefits of sea moss after one use, we could not tolerate the fishy stench that sea moss is known for. After the repeated disappointment with various highly rated brands purchased from Etsy, Amazon, and local sellers, we knew there was a better way.  After many months of experimenting with different flavors, sea moss varieties and colors, we found it!! Now, here we are. 

You deserve this wholesome goodness in your life!!

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