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Sea Moss Gel 

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Sea Moss Gel




KreativeKenya specializes in flavored sea moss gel. We have mastered providing exceptional quality sea moss gel, but without the sea taste that sea moss gel is infamous for.

If you've ever (...or never) tried sea moss gel, ours will leave you pleasantly surprised. It's delightfully delicious. Your taste buds will thank you for it!!

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flavored sea moss gel

Why Sea Moss?

Sea Moss, also known as Irish Moss, is a seaweed, is a macro-algae and has been around since the oceans first lapped the shore, but it's enjoying a surge in popularity, because of its powerful immune-boosting nutrients. Sea moss is rich in natural minerals, high in iron and antioxidants that make it an all-around immunity booster and weight-loss aid, which is why companies are harvesting it from beaches as far off as Ireland and the Caribbean, and consumers are adding it to everything from smoothies to acai bowls and rice and beans.

It would be hard to identify one particular plant that has all the vitamins and minerals your body needs, but sea moss comes close. It contains vitamin B2, vitamin B12, calcium, chromium, magnesium, zinc and other nutrients, and has been used as a natural medicine to treat or reduce flu-like symptoms.


This is why the small sea plant is often called "Nature's Multi-Vitamin."

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Our Sea Moss Gels

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